In 2017, Big Bend Hospice started Transitions, a pre-Hospice program for those with a terminal illness who either did not qualify for hospice or were still seeking curative treatment. The original premise was to help clients by connecting them to local resources and offering volunteer assistance to caregivers. With the onset of COVID-19, this approach has been enhanced.

In addition, a comprehensive assessment completed by a Social Worker which helps determine the types of resources needed by a client, the Transitions’ staff and Volunteers are now making deliveries to those who may not be medically homebound, but due to the Corona Virus, have chosen not to leave their homes. Donations from the community have allowed staff to deliver items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and Ensure.

Many Clients are facing social isolation which can result in loneliness and depression. Transition Volunteers offer daily phone calls, virtual visits, and even home visits (that adhere to social distancing). “Our front yard or window visits are becoming very popular,” said Fabiola Jean-Charles, MSW, Transitions Manager. “People are lonely and we have Volunteers who want to help.”

Another opportunity offered through Transitions are Virtual Valor Ceremonies to those who served in the Armed Forces. This 20-minute ceremony acknowledges their service through patriotic music, certificates and letters of appreciation, and the ultimate sign of respect – the salute.

“As our environment changes, so do the needs of our Clients,” says Jean-Charles. “We feel privileged to offer these additional services through Transitions.”

If you have questions or would like to support the Transitions Program, contact Fabiola Jean-Charles, LCSW, Transitions Program Manager, at 850-671-6090 or at