Submitted by Sharon Davidson, Big Bend Hospice Director of Volunteer & Community Services

Transitions, a pre-hospice program, provides emotional support and non-medical assistance to individuals and families with a serious illness. Social Workers complete an assessment and assistance in connecting clients with community resources. Trained Volunteers provide telephone support with weekly calls, companionship, and respite for caregivers.

One unique service offered through the Transitions program is honoring those who served in the Armed Forces with a Valor Ceremony. Recently, Specialist E4, Edward Evans, was honored by a group of Valor Volunteers. An E-4 rank is the highest rank for junior enlisted recruits.

Evans served in the Army during the Korean War. The Korean War (1950 – 1953) began when the North Korean communist army crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded non-communist South Korea. At least 2.5 million persons lost their lives during combat.

During Evans’ Valor Ceremony, each team member presented him with tokens of appreciation: a table-top American flag, used during the Pledge of Allegiance; the reading of a letter from BBH’s CEO; a red, white, and blue afghan hand-made by a local Volunteer; and an American Flag lapel pinned on Evans by his own wife, Roberta.

These ceremonies offered through the Transitions program are filled with honor and tradition, and can be an opportunity to bring friends and family members together to thank the Veteran and preserve his or her legacy.

“The client was extremely appreciative of the valor team coming to his home to recognize his service to the country,” says Derrick Sykes, Veteran Liaison. “His wife shared with us that ‘it made her heart feel good to see her husband being honored for his military service’.”

Like every Transitions Valor ceremony, Evans’ ceremony concluded with the greatest show of respect one Veteran can give another – a salute.

If you would like to learn more about the Transitions program, visit our website at or call 850-878-5310.

If you’d like to learn more about how to become a Valor Volunteer, please contact Derrick Sykes at (850) 878-5310 or email

Transitions is part of a pre-hospice program offered by Big Bend Hospice, Inc.