…the “what if’s” of facing their own mortality. As the surviving spouse left widowed 5 months ago, I speak from experience. We were one of the fortunate couples who had pre-planned and pre-paid our final expenses but never really thought about what would happen if one of us became unable to care for ourselves or the reality of the overwhelming stress and physical strain of being a caregiver.

Donald Henderson

When my husband became ill, I decided to reach out to Hospice for assistance, and they responded immediately. Within the first few hours of my husband being released from the hospital, they had furnished, stocked, and prepared our home for him to be comfortable and pain-free for what would turn out to be a short 5 days before he passed. Big Bend Hospice’s team was kind, compassionate, and so reassuring to all of our family. The nurse, Lesley and CNA’s, Ms. Lewis & Ms. Green showed genuine care and compassion, and let us know that he was not in pain and that they would help him be comfortable during his illness.

My husband was a strong, kind man who had served on the Board of Big Bend Hospice for years. He was someone who recognized, well before he needed them, how much their services meant to thousands of people and understood their importance. I think back on five months ago, and know that Hospice provided everything we needed and more. They are an outstanding service organization whose board, staff and volunteers make a tremendous difference at the end-of-life for all people. Regardless of age, race, religion, or financial ability, Big Bend Hospice’s services are administered equally.

We are at peace with the end of my husband’s life because of Big Bend Hospice.