Kelly Williams, Big Bend Hospice Volunteer Coordinator

“Whenever I see BBH’s Sharon Smith, a Hospice Aide on our Coastal Team, she always greets me with a big warm smile. If I am feeling a little down, one of Sharon’s smiles always raises my spirits.

The old saying that smiling is contagious is very true. Smiling not only improves your mood, but it also improves the mood of others.  I have never seen Sharon without an authentic and genuine smile on her face. That is especially amazing considering the line of work that she does.

When our Comfort Callers call patients and their families, it is a rarity that they do not get a compliment on how wonderful Sharon is and how much they are looking forward to her visit. If we had a dollar for every compliment we get for her, BBH would be blessed. As much that goes into working with terminally ill patients, it is refreshing to hear something positive. She is truly a pleasure to work with.

Thank you, Sharon, for your hard work, dedication, and sharing your smile with us!