Contributed by Liz Dameron, Big Bend Hospice Volunteer

After teaching mathematics for 40 years (5th grade – college), I retired at the end of September 2015. Since then, I have enjoyed each day of my retirement. There are so many ways that I enjoy celebrating life.

In 2015 when I retired, I was working full-time at TCC and as an FSU adjunct. These two jobs did not leave much time for volunteering. With retirement I have been able volunteer at three places: TMH, Ronald McDonald House, Big Bend Hospice. I have joined the TMH Auxiliary, volunteering one day in the main hospital gift shop and one day in the baby gift shop. Of course, this assignment was pre-COVID. Now volunteering is on hold at the hospital. I have met so many people with these two positions and am anxious to return.

While that volunteering position is on hold, I have still been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house by helping with yard work. I enjoy trimming shrubbery, putting out new pine straw, and updating flower pots. You would be surprised how filling a container with colorful plants will put a smile on your face. With COVID the House is closed, but when open again I will also help with their fund raisers. The third place that I can still volunteer is at Big Bend Hospice. Greeters are always needed and I help in the Volunteer office.

After raising two boys as a single parent, I have been blessed so far with two granddaughters. Nothing makes me happier than to sing with them and dance each time I go visit. With no grandchildren around, you can still put on music and dance!

There are so many ways to celebrate life, but a few more that I enjoy are: reading a good book, taking a walk on a pretty day, taking someone a surprise (just because), keeping my brain active with word puzzles, attending an FSU football or baseball game, Face timing with family, cross-stitching, working in my yard, and painting the inside of my house.

I try to make the most of each day, thinking positively, being thankful for all my family and friends, and finding time to eat ice cream and chocolate!