Submitted by Katie Mandell, Community Engagement Manager

A few weeks ago, the community engagement department received a call from a team social worker asking if we could help a patient find a new home for his beloved dog, Jack.

The patient was getting ready to move into a local facility that could better take care of his daily needs. Unfortunately, Jack couldn’t come. This saddened the patient deeply, but he knew he could turn to his hospice team for help. Big Bend Hospice is part of a national program Pet Peace of Mind. Its mission is to support hospice patients and their pets’ long and short-term needs.

Many of us know the deep and abiding affection that pets bring to our lives, giving us much-needed comfort and joy, especially during hard times. For hospice patients, this can be particularly distressing when they are unsure of what will happen with their furry family member after they have died. Our Staff and Volunteers are trained to help with situations like this.

Jack now has new loving parents thanks to our trained Volunteer Nancy Jegart and local foster parent Pam Houmere!