Submitted by Sharon Davidson, Senior Director of Community Engagement

Eva Castillo was named after her great-grandmother, but that isn’t the only thing she shares with her.  She also shares her great-grandmother’s love of baking.  Eva used that passion recently to support two local charities. 

She decided to host a bake sale in her Southwood community as a commitment to Pray, Fast, and Give” in observance of Lent.  As word of her bake sale and its purpose spread, Eva received many pre-orders before even setting up shop on March 6th.  She sold brownies, lemon squares, and a variety of delicious treats – most from her great-grandmother’s recipes or ones she created herself.

Eva raised over $500 during her bake sale to support two local charities. “Eva selected these specific nonprofits because of her passion for animals and her gratitude for the services several of her family members have received through hospice over the years”, says Nicole, Eva’s mother.

Eva met with members of the Big Bend Hospice Foundation, and she presented them with a $300 donation.  She donated an additional $250 to the Leon County Humane Society.

“Eva gives us faith and hope in future generations,” says Dena Strickland, BBH Foundation President.  “It’s individual support like Eva’s which allows BBH to provide services to anyone, regardless of their inability to pay.” A third-grader at Florida State University School, Eva demonstrates compassion and determination to make a difference in her community.